Protest held for Aafia’s release


Civil society members on Wednesday held a protest demonstration outside the National Press Club to press their demand for Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s release from an American jail before the 18th Eid of her imprisonment.
The protesters slammed the government’s indifference towards the issue and chanted anti-US slogans. They described Aafia as the daughter of the whole Muslim world and said every Muslim country should raise its voice to get her released.
In a written letter presented during the protest, Aafia’s mother appealed to the US and Pakistani governments to make possible the release of her daughter before Eid, a move that could also stable the US economy and strengthen the relation between the two countries.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Anwarul Haq, a social activist, said the government must take a firm stand against the United States for the freedom of its citizen, who would celebrate the 18th Eid in a prison.
He said the time had come for the government and people to execute all-out efforts for the release of a true Muslim who was going through the ordeal just because of distributing the copies of Quran among the Americans.
He alleged that the judge, who awarded Aafia a death sentence, was biased and an agent of Jews. “Increased acceptance of Islam among the foreigners is the main reason behind the arrest of Aafia,” he suggested, adding that the US forces also kidnapped her innocent children.
He told the audience that one of her children, Salman, was still in the US custody and might be killed.
Student speakers said the youth were the only power who could fulfil the dream of Aafia’s release.
The protesters also asked the US authorities should stop the kidnapping of innocent Pakistanis.

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